Friday, September 10, 2010

New (ish) cabinet for my workshop!

My bro-in-law, Chris, was in town last week to help his mom clean out their basement and garage in anticipation of her moving in the next couple months. Sixty years of accumulated stuff - I was impressed with how organized everything was; goodness knows I'd just be living in a heap of a mess if I ever lived anywhere that long (remember I have that hoarding gene).

Chris' late dad had a wonderful woodworking and repair workshop (I think he was an auto mechanic or an electrician); most the of the well-maintained tools and equipment - ie, all of it! - had been given away, but this amazing metal cabinet that his smaller pieces were kept in, was still sitting in the basement. The drawers are wide and flat, perfect for larger paper pieces - I was thrilled when they said I could have it!

My enthusiasm was quelled somewhat when I realized just how grimey it was once we got it home. It didn't seem to matter how many times I washed it, there was always another layer of black that could be wiped off; it IS metal after all ... Jean-François suggested lining the inside of the drawers, but I was thinking more of the quick and painless route. A little online research and I decided to paint it. Krylon "Outdoor Spaces" in a can had become our toxic friend.

Here's JF finishing up the main part of the cabinet.

Before and after of the drawers...

Friday cat interlude: Chibi had to test the spot where the cabinet would go. She hates looking at the camera.

Tadaaaaah! Raise your hand if you love mossy green!

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. O.! This cabinet will serve me well and will hopefully help to clear up some of my table space. Three tables in this room and I still can't manage to get rid of the clutter... I have the hoarding gene AND the clutter gene.

Will be writing more, had a great summer and have a busy season coming up! Happy week-end everyone!


stephanie said...

yay for flat files!! what a lucky find - i looked at buying one and WOW they are expensive. lucky for me, my husband made one :) hope you are doing well.

The Dusty Victorian said...

Hi Sandra,
It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Doug says: Where'd you get that colour? I bet it was that shade when it left the manufacturer 50 years ago. Looks great!

tatsuko said...

Thanks Stephanie and Agnès!

Doug, those were actually 'fresh' cans of spray paint from good ol' Canadian Tire! Krylon satin finish in Moss...