Monday, November 23, 2009

One craft show down, two great purchases (^_^)

Off to a good start of the holiday season craft shows! It was my first time as a seller at Art Etc. show in Montreal West and it was a lovely two day show. Thanks to everyone who passed by! And I have to thank my booth neighbours who sent over so many customers, merci Cate and Josée!

Having two good days of sales allowed me to make two purchases that I am so totally thrilled with. My first is this sweater-vest that is great for layering now, but will also be perfect in the spring and summer over short sleeves or sleeveless tops. I met Colette van Haaren, the maker, a few years ago at another craft event and we've kept in touch ever since; at every show I try on her beautiful things but have never made a purchase, and then regretted it afterwards. So I decided BEFORE this show that I was going to buy a piece from her!

I've gotten into the layering thing lately, but most of what I have is cotton or jersey knit, and very casual - which is actual ideal for me since I'm not a dressy kinda gal. This sweater though, makes me look just a little more put together even if I'm wearing my usual uniform - t-shirt and jeans. I got it in a deep plummy aubergine (photo by the artist) that I love and that suits me, if I do say so myself. And it is surprisingly forgiving for many body types! Colette's amazing sweater collection can be found at Boutique Katrin Leblond at 4647 Boul. St-Laurent.

My second purchase at Art Etc., and new discovery is Red Sofa, by Montreal jewellery designer Joanna Szkiela. She makes gorgeous wearable art, substantial pieces that are nature-inspired, versatile and comfortable, yet edgy and fun.

I fell in love with these solid sterling silver Twig Hoops and had to have them (please click on the image for detail; photos by Anthony McLean). They are now dangling from my earlobes. Happiness.

I am sure that creations by either of these artists would become a much-loved and often worn gift!

I will spend the week preparing for my upcoming shows. Am feeling a little more at ease since the first one is over. Hah, ask me how I feel as the week progresses!

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stephanie said...

hi! best of luck with your next show! i know that feeling of relief...along with the "AAH!!" as the time crunch starts. :)