Friday, August 22, 2008

My tail between my legs...


It's me, yes, it's me!

Thank-you all for letting me know I've been missed! You know how you leave something for sooo long, it's overwhelming to go back to it, and it seems too far gone to make it right again, anyway? I guess that's how I can best describe the shabby treatment of my blog and blog readers. I will no longer make any promises about writing every day or even every week, but will do my best not to let 3 months go by without a peep of news!

I'll just get right to it. The summer has been great, although we've not had ideal summer weather here in Montreal. Lots of rain, and cooler than average, which is fine for me who wilts and gets cranky in the humid heat.

Arashi Daiko, the Japanese drumming group I'm a member of, along with my hubby, JF (you remember him), has done over 20 shows since I last wrote in May; it's been a busy, taiko-filled summer. We're looking forward to settling down to our regular hard training this fall in preparation for the group's 25th anniversary concert next March. The television show that we were featured in aired in July, and it was pretty good. Strange to see us on tv, but fun!

Part of the televised "live" concert filmed at the end of May. That's me on the far right, arms in the air, with the demented, googly eyes... (click on it, you'll see what I mean)

Craft-wise, the summer has been busy, productive, and very good sales-wise, yaaaaay!

CraftMafiaMontreal's Fringe Bazaar back in June went pretty well, and although there weren't a ton of people, sales were good. I did Vancouver's Powell Street Festival at the beginning of August, which was just as fabulous as it was last year! Sooo many people, sales were great, and the food was delish! What made it even better this year was my sister, Nancy, from Edmonton who met me in Vancouver with her handmade baby slippers, bags and pearl jewellery, and who was my neighbouring seller at the festival - we had so much fun! We visited our brother there (he's already planning for our visit next year) and then went to visit another brother on Vancouver Island. All in all a wonderful trip.

Part of my display at the festival

Wee little hounds in their yukata and happi - too cute!

Fresh, heavenly yaki-manju... waited until the last few hours of the festival to get my mitts on this!

Last week-end was Matsuri Japon, a Japanese festival in the Old Port of Montreal, where I was also selling. The weather was perfect (one of the only good weekends all summer) and the turnout was great. Also great for me sales-wise. Online sales this summer were painfully slow (non-existant), so these good shows helped a lot!

Other exciting news - my things are going to be in a brand new shop, Artistri, opening in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to see what it looks like! I'll keep you up to date on that - I swear!

I think I'll stop there, since I don't to freak anyone out... or bore you with too much stuff. Fall is looking to be busy too, so I'll have lots to write about - back again soon!


High Desert Diva said...

*waves back frantically*

You have been missed!
Welcome back to blogland!

Crafty Mama said...

Those dogs are adorable, and congrats on the tv show!

picciolo said...

hi, how nice to have you back, I'm glad you have had a good few months, welcome back!
: )

fly tie said...

"I will no longer make any promises about writing every day or even every week."
when i started my blog, i made sure not to say how often i'd update, because i know me, ha!

great blog. also you have really nice product photos.

Hey Harriet said...

Was wondering where you've been. Just busy & having fun! Welcome back to bloggyland! And yes, it can get a little overwhelming keeping up sometimes. Great news about Artistri, congrats on that! Those doggies are too cute!

Joanna said...

Ah, there you are! Welcome back!

Hisako said...

I've been checking weekly to see a blog post from you! You busy girl you! I rely on you for a lot of my late-night reads. :)