Friday, December 28, 2007

Pssst... remember me?

If you don't remember me, I understand completely.

I said I would try to write regularly. I said I would at least be a weekly blogger (I think I said that). I said I would tell you all about my trip to Japan and posted all those photos in my last entry and then... nothing.

So as this year comes to an end, I am making a resolution: I will NOT promise regular entries to my blog - how's that for a namby-pamby, cop-out of a resolution! I suppose a more worthwhile resolution would be to work on my self-discipline which has never been my forte, as you all know by my sporadic blogging.

I'll just make this one short, as a little intro to my return to the online journalling world. To recap the past months:

  • September: Yes, Japan was great; everyone we met there was lovely and my husband and I learned so much from the wonderful taiko teachers and masters we had the privelege of studying with. * FYI, tv documentaries are just as scripted as a tv dramas; more on this in a later entry!
  • October: A little blue returning home to Montreal from Japan. Intense production for holiday craft shows starts. Got custody of my mom's cat, Ebi, to the horror of Chibi, our resident cat; the feline warriors stake their claim to territory in our appartment... more on this another time, aren't you intrigued?
  • November: Taught a couple of craft workshops. Intense nail-biting, down-to-the-wire production continues. Craft shows season starts, yay! The "Wall" is up in our appartment, dividing Chibi-land and Ebi-land. Sheesh.
  • December: Craft shows season continues and ends, yay! My best season ever, very happy. Still taking orders, doing custom work, teaching. Cats declare truce; Chibi-land and Ebi-land now unified - well, sort of. Christmas, overeating, being with family, all that good stuff :)
    • Below are a couple of shots of the evolution of peace: first, the two cats are taken aback at see each other around every corner. In the second more recent photo, they "share" the sofa, while carefully keeping an eye on each other. The "Wall" is down.

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      craftygurl said...

      heee kitties... r so kawaii! :) w/ kitty-Carly loosing her sight she was going to the vet/neuro n stayed in hospital once back Mitsuru [kitty is a female, I know male name but love the name *there's a story*] took control of the household, for quite sometime. Carly got her haircut then took Mitsuru for hers. once back the tables had turned and now the land has become all so not divided/unified, heee... u can see their nuttiness [channel: carlynmitsuru]... heee...

      Well, what cute names ebi and chibi [shrimp and short which we can say shrimp, heee...] they were meant to be together, the name says so... :)